Wednesday, February 15, 2012

AJ Burnett

Breaking news has come across the GM desk here at MYSTERY TEAM. News being reported by MLB Trade Rumor's Tim Dierkes by way of the Magellan Strait via FOX Sports Ken Rosenthal.

Rosenthal has reported that there is an impasse between the Yankees and Pirates on a possible AJ Burnett deal. That isn't really the biggest news however. MYSTERY TEAM has once again been thrown in as another amber stoking that sweet sweet trade rumor fire.

Rosenthal reported that a fourth unknown team had lukewarm interest in Mr. Burnett, to which Dierkes listed as MYSTERY TEAM.

We want to be very forthright with these allegations. Unless the New York Yankees paid us double AJ's salary, there is no way we'd have any interest. There is one large detriment to any and all trade talks between us: WE HAVE SEEN HIM PITCH!

Due to the lack of competition between the Pirates and Yankees, also plausibly the lack of YES network coverage in Pittsburgh, we cannot be certain the Pirates have ever seen AJ pitch in past few years.

What was a once promising ace is now just a pie throwing, Dennis the Menace looking chap who has possibly the best stuff in the league but the accuracy and grace of a bird flying into a glass door.

So while MYSTERY TEAM wishes AJ Burnett the best in his endeavors, we must put to rest any interest we have on the 2009 World Series Winner and 2003 Guy Who Got a Ring.

Remember to always check this blog, our twitter, or facebook page first when trying to verify a MYSTERY TEAM rumor. Because if it's a mystery to you, it's a mystery to us. Always be a fan.

--Mystery Front Office

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yoenis Cespedes

There's an air hovering over the MLB right now.  An air of Mystery, and for once it's not all about the MYSTERY TEAM.

Yoenis Cespedes has arrived with more bags of mystery then MYSTERY TEAM brings on team flights. All the footage we have of this five tool talent is a YouTube video. Will his talent translate into the big leagues?  Is Cespedes the next Ken Griffey Jr? Can anyone spell Yoenis Cespedes without googling it first?  So many questions surround this great player.

Our scouts say all signs point to maybe on his big league potential.  That's all we ever needed to hear in the MYSTERY TEAM front office. Despite the fact's Jayson Stark reporting Cespedes met with the Marlins this week, we're going all-in on this prospect and hope to turn the corner into World Series favorites. We think even at this juncture the MYSTERY TEAM out draws the Fish and is a more appealing destination. ¡Viva MYSTERY TEAM!

-Mystery Front Office