Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Black Tuesday Or How Miami Exploded

Hello Mystery fans! It has been quite awhile. We do apologize for the lack of blogs, but we have so much scouting, phone calls, and never ending sobbing to endure this time of year.

Speaking of soul-crushing misfortunes, the Miami Marlins have decide to go all Wiley Coyote on themselves. Quick, think of a Miami Marlin. Do you have one in mind? Well, you are wrong. The player you are thinking of is now a Toronto Blue Jay as ESPN has reported this evening.

Mystery Team will continue to make calls to the Miami Marlins. Our current offer of some dinner chocolates we took from an Olive Garden and a box of old Florida Marlins hats for Giancarlo Stanton and Logan Morrison has yet to be accepted. Hopefully a trade to us won't "piss off" Mr. Stanton.

We want to take time to promise every Mystery fan that we will not trade away any of the cornerstone players that we may or may not have. We value your continued support and with that clearly have a better chance of getting a new stadium before the A's ever do. To be fair, they do have THIS going on for them.

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-Mystery Front Office
(Not Yet Sold to Disney)