Friday, December 30, 2011


So being a diligent front office of the highest magnitude, MYSTERY TEAM stumbled across the rumblings of MASN Sport's Roch Kubatko. Of interest he noted the Orioles don't feel like being used for leverage to basically up the price for Prince for the Nationals.

Now let me say this, if anyone is going to be used by the media or Scott Boras to drive prices up on players, it's going to be us. Random, speculation driven interest is the biggest market MYSTERY TEAM plays in. That is our bread and butter.

So well kudos to the O's for possibly not wanting to be a part of price hiking tactics, but shame on them for playing our part. That's what we are here for and trust me, we will continue to be the basis of all agent tom-foolery and sports media speculation.

- Mystery Front Office

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