Friday, March 2, 2012

MLB Expands Playoffs

Greetings Mystery fans! In news that has swept the baseball world at its core, Major League Baseball has announced that it will expand their playoffs to a ten team format. This essentially adds a Wild Card round and by essentially, it's because it does.

The two Wild Card teams will battle to the death in the Roman time honored tradition of playing a one and done. Meaning no best of 3, 5, 7, or the lethal 162. The winner of Wild Card round will go on to play the number one seed in the divisional round.

Some baseball purists may be outraged at this development. Is MLB diluting their playoff pool? We here at MYSTERY TEAM are firmly in support of this. Another slot adds great opportunity. Finally MYSTERY TEAM has a legit chance year in and year out of taking part of the playoffs instead of golfing in October. While the Mystery front office is full of golfers of Tiger Woodian proportions, the truth is everyone involved would rather ruffle the sheets of the big dance.

Fear not though Mystery fans, just because there is an added Wild Card team does not mean that is the Mystery Modus Operandi. Being the best team in our league will ensure we get to take on a weakened Wild Card team. Which league will we stand atop of this year? If it is a Mystery to is a Mystery to us. Always be a fan.

-Mystery Front Office

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