Thursday, June 28, 2012

Brian Fuentes

It's that time of the summer again Mystery fan. You know the usual; fireworks, trips, the A's selling any piece of value they possibly have to the highest bidders. It is a wonderful time in Americana.

The Mystery Front Office is contacting Billy Beane non-stop in hopes of landing a role as him or valuable trade commodities. Such stellar pieces include Brain Fuentes according to Jon Heyman. How can we overlook such a valuable bullpen pieces. What, with an era close to 7 and losing the closer role to a guy who never actually closed, how could any team pass that up?

More and more opportunities will be coming through the pipeline of tradedom as we head into the heart of the Summer. We here at the Mystery Team Front Office will stay on top of all possible trade avenues and will continue to do our best in badgering, we mean dealing with other MLB GMs.

The Mystery Front Office reminds you to have a safe Summer and always be a fan. Just remember if it is news to you, it's a Mystery to us. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to us on Youtube (wait, we don't have that....yet), and keep checking this very same blog for all Mystery information.

-Mystery Front Office

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