Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bartolo Colon

It has been quite a couple of days. Yankees GM Brian Cashman showed up once again to swoop in and make the kind of deals that he is known for. The kind of deals that are usually speculated upon first with the MYSTERY TEAM in mind.

The deals keep coming though. Bob Nightengale of USA Today twittered...tweeted...that Bartolo Colon has signed with unknown team. Now as we all know if it's unknown it is then a mystery. I would like to dispel any rumors that Mr. Colon signed with MYSTERY TEAM.

So now that we have confirmation that Bartolo Colon did not sign with MYSTERY TEAM, it should be concluded that the team he did in fact sign with is a known team. We hope Mr. Colon has a successful physical and the known team can become known to all shortly.

We here at MYSTERY TEAM still want our fan base to know that we will continue working diligently on securing the type of talent that you have come to know and love. Keep up on all the league goings on and always be a fan.

-Mystery Front Office

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